Rachel M. Chin

My name is Rachel Chin.  I am an artist in photography and graphic design.  I have over 15 years of experience in Photography & Graphic Design.  This venture promotes not only my passion as an artist but also promotes yours. Whether you are an actor, a musician, a dancer, a fashion designer, photographer, an artist or an entrepreneur, if you believe in what you can do and focus on things you want most out of life, you shall receive

My photography is based on your personality….Your inner self.  Because that is who you are and how you affect people around you.

– Headshots
– Production Stills
– Live Performances or Events
– Weddings
– Logo Design
– Website
– Demo Reel
– Weddings Invitation/Favors


Packages & Portfolio are available upon request.
Please contact me at 954.756.7642 or email at Rachin.Designs@gmail.com